Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bow lines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain


Surfers by nature are explorers. Always searching for that next perfect wave. Wondering – could it be around the next corner? Day-dreaming about the next trip.

For the professional or executive, the annual surfing holiday never seems to be long enough. And with the pressures of modern life and business, which serious surfers among us can honestly say they haven’t ever considered swapping it all for a simpler life – following the sun and chasing some surf? Certainly a meaningful career provides the necessary stimulation, challenge and financial security we require. But when does enough become enough?

The Tropicsurf experience is a reminder of the importance of balance. Balance isn’t either/or … it’s AND. Certainly, it’s commendable to work hard and earn well – but once the “work addiction” starts encroaching on health, family, relationships, spiritual well-being or satisfactory leisure time then surely the scales are leaning the wrong way. After all – the latter is what “life” really should be about.

So when a client takes a surf trip with us and it helps them restore the balance in their life – possibly helps them re-calibrate one’s measures of success and happiness – then we’ve achieved something more than just a string of fun surfs.

Surfing is a medium that can achieve this. And what a fun one it is.

Tropicsurf locations are chosen to offer waves for a variety of abilities – allowing the entire family or non-surfer to share the fun times with you. Consistency is important. And so are low crowds. Unfortunately that ‘pot of gold’ is getting harder to find. Steering away from crowded surf is our priority. So through our extensive reconnaissance trips across the planet’s oceans, Tropicsurf can deliver an outstanding experience for the surfer with limited time.

Our background running surf schools and training world class instructors underpins the entire package. Whether it be a tip on rail pressure control that allows you to start coming out of those tubes – or the push-in on a 10 foot softboard that gets you up and riding on your very first wave, our combination of guiding and coaching means you the client are going to catch more waves, ride them better and have more fun – no matter what your ability level might be.

I was once quizzed on our decision to grow a surf business and surrender our knowledge and ‘secret spots’ to clients. This challenged me for a couple of years until the day I rode the biggest, scariest barrel of my life. Out at Hawaii’s Sunset Beach, the so called peak experience of my surfing life turned out not to be as rewarding as the thrill of coaching some 12 year old juniors into an 8 foot day that was the thrill of their lives.

In hindsight, the solo adrenalin hit I’d always searched for was not as rewarding as the shared experience. It was then I realized my calling in life was to share the gift of surfing with others, through teaching, travelling to pristine locations and helping people enjoy the sport as much as I have.

Life is too short. And really that’s the philosophy that Tropicsurf was founded on. Through a variety of personal life experiences and challenges, both myself and business partner Vic know we offer the surf enthusiast something unique. Something no other company offers.

As I write this story, we’re aboard a boat somewhere between Indonesia and Australia – searching for that next perfect wave. Living the dream. Sharing it with others. Living life.