The most desirable commodity of the 21st century is wellness. Everyone wants it. High achievers are increasingly concerned with it – and have shown they are willing to pay a premium for it. The increasing success of health retreats and spas is indicative. Whether you currently surf or not, you may not have considered the health benefits attached to riding a surfboard. For starters there’s the pre and post-surf yoga – a must to promote a strong paddle and supple spine.

Then there’s the paddle out – a terrific form of exercise and weight loss that certainly beats an hour in a sweaty gymnasium. The ride of course is what it’s all about. That magic moment of gliding across the ocean is the ultimate stimulation. It’s a live-now-in-the-moment rush. Pure exhilaration. The ultimate escape from stress. Healing. Sitting beyond the break waiting for that next wave offers time for contemplation. Space.

Enter the meditative state – lulled into relaxation by the calming rhythms of the ocean. Then there’s back on the beach… re-living the moments with friends. Laughter and camaraderie. Followed by a nutritious meal that your body has earned. You learn to eat well so you have the fuel to go again tomorrow. Welcome to nature’s own health club. Fun. Sustainable. It becomes a total lifestyle.

Seriously. How many Health Club graduates have maintained motivation a month afterward? Yet surfing, with it’s seductive joys and enticing challenges, becomes an all-encompassing lifestyle. It provides the enthusiast with a lifetime wellness others only dream of. And if you’re looking for a common infatuation to share with your kids or loved ones, look no further. The family or couple that surfs together stays together. So if it’s some healthy habits you’ve been searching for, look no further. A good day on the waves may just be your answer!