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We recently had Annabel Candy join us for SUP yoga.  Here’s what she had to say about the experience…


I wouldn’t be much of a health and wellbeing writer if I didn’t encourage you to do a bit of exercise.


But fear not. If you checkout my profile you’ll see I claim to have fitness levels ideally balanced between couch potato and triathlete.


While I love to exercise for both physical and mental wellbeing, running marathons is not my cup of green tea.


In fact, I try to avoid doing any exercise that gets me out of breath or makes me perspire. But I still look forward to my weekly boxercise class when I barely notice how tired and sweaty I am until I get home and my six year old asks:


“Mummy, why is your face so red?”


The Sunshine Coast is home to many professional athletes and the super fit, which makes for great watching, but mere mortals can take comfort in the knowledge that gentle exercise is just as good for us.


Whether you like to go hard or take it easy, the secret of staying fit and keeping in shape is to find a form of exercise you love.


Stand Up Paddling (SUP)


I love a brisk walk and, if you want to get off the land and out on the water, the aqua equivalent is stand up paddling.


It’s a craze that’s been sweeping our waterways for a few years with good reason. It’s fun, sociable and a great way to workout.


Wait. Did I say workout? Scratch that. Let’s call it playtime.


What I love about stand up paddling (or SUP) is that it looks hard but it’s quite easy to get started. Of course, it will take a while to get confident and perfect your technique, but until then a dunk in the Noosa waterways is most welcome on a hot day.


SUP Yoga


Experienced stand up paddle boarders and surfers can take it a step further with SUP yoga. If you’re not convinced about the health benefits of SUP you have to meet the inspirational husband and wife team Donnalee and Rick Halkett from Noosa Stand Up Paddle.


While not all of us will be able to get upside down like a scorpion on a surfboard like Rick, it’s certainly given me something to aspire too.


I just need to practice a bit more on dry land first…
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