Noosa Stand Up Paddle gets the thumbs up

We’ve been featured on a blog written by someone who’s thinking of introducing the sport to Singapore!

The blog post was written by after she spent some time in Australia and had a go at stand up paddling in Noosa.




She says:

I would like to tell you about stand-up paddling. this little business aunty donalee does keeps her busy with her time while leting her maintain an awesome bod for a lady her age and lets her travel to all the beach destinations around the world! it’s basically standing atop a board slightly larger than a long surf board if you’re a beginner like myself or a surf board as a professional, stand up and paddle with an oar. while setting up, i was thinking that it would be torture for my arms when in fact it was more core work just balancing on a board in a body of water! what i’m even more impressed with was that aunty donalee would hold weekly yoga lessons on it! i mean seriously? this is the one class you had better not loose your balance or else everyone else would hear you splash in!


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