Michelle and I have continued to talk about much we enjoyed SUPing in Noosa – it was real highlight. You and Donnalee welcomed as friends into what we feel is wonderful sport – that’s what made it special for us.

We will be staying in touch for sure. As soon as I have time to download the camera, I will send through a couple of pictures.

All the very best

Chris and Michelle
Chairman of Roche

Best Standup Paddle School on the Coast

Australian Weekender magazine

Stand up paddle boarding is an awesome sport ! What a great way to tone your body, enjoy the beautiful river and surroundings and put your mind at rest. It's like having a core strength workout, yoga and meditation session all in one ! I have met loads of new friends over the last few months, had lots of laughs and Donnalee (our instructor) is truly an inspiration !!! LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT. !!!


I have been Stand up Paddle Surfing (in calm water) for 5 months and now own my own board!

From the first lesson with Donnalee I loved SUPS because it’s easy to do from the first step on the board.

Donnalee is a great communicator and has the ability to unite a group of beginners and experienced SUPS people.

Donnalee is a great organiser, she is outgoing but humble and someone I trust and admire.

While enjoying the beautiful water ways of Noosa I enjoy ‘time out’ from a busy business, I have made friends, lost weight, toned up, gained strength and most of all have stabilised my upper back so I no longer need to see my Osteopath as all my neck and back tension has gone. I run, swim, walk, yoga and have done Pilates for long time but with SUPS I have gained better results in a shorter time and it doesn’t feel like exercise and I know I can do this no matter what age!

Katrina Thorpe
Ikatan Spa Noosa

Never have I enjoyed exercise so much.No other form of sport or exercise that I have done in the past enabled me to lose so much weight so quickly.
Paddling with Donalee has changed my life completely, I've lost weight, toned up- I now have a flat stomach ! But more so paddling is just fun, what you put into it is exactly what you will get back.

Mary Morrison
Owner operator Humid Restaurant

Just a quick note to say “thank-you” for introducing me to a SUPS!.. Finally I’ve found a FUN workout I can do with my Friends in the sun on the Beautiful Noosa Waterways!...
Why wouldn’t you LOVE IT!..

As a 3 time world Champion of my chosen sport, I have spent Enough time in the Gym, and now I’d rather be SUPS!

your patience and thorough Instruction made it an easy transition, and off course I Get to hang out with my friends, Fun and Fitness on The water – this is one workout I am never late for (funny that!)

Yours in Fun and Fitness

Annie Hewitt
3 time World Natural Bodybuilding Champion